Chests Of Drawers

French Style Chests Of Drawers

Our Beautiful Handmade French Style Chests Of Drawers

At Kingdom Furnishings, our selection of chests of drawers are all made by extremely experienced cabinet makers. Featuring French-style designs and shabby chic techniques, our handmade furnishings feature classic carving done by hand using the old fashioned methods of the craft, for furnishings that are steeped in traditional craftmanship. In most cases, we make use of solid wood to provide our customers with a high quality product every time.

Our chests of drawers usually come in one of three colours: white, cream, or mercury grey. Our range continues to expand as we update it with new stock featuring different styles and designs, so it’s always worth paying a visit to our website. Examples of our different types of chests of drawers include a small two-tier chest of drawers on high legs in a cream colour, which is ideal for the bedside, as well as for use as a dresser with a mirror above it. We also stock a tallboy style chest of drawers in white, complete with seven drawers. Additionally, we supply a wide chest of five drawers in white, as well as a couple that are in a happy medium in terms of height and width, both holding six drawers.

Our company have been supplying customers with French-style furniture for nearly a decade. If you would like to discover more about our selection of chests of drawers or any other furniture products, please get in touch by completing our web contact form, or email us at Alternatively, you can talk to a member of our dedicated team directly by calling us on either 01254247034 or 07877984455, and we will be pleased to help you with any queries about our products.