Customers Testimonials & Reviews

Customers Testimonials & Reviews

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Every now and again we have customers getting in touch with us after they have received their furniture to complement us on our service and products. So we thought it would be nice to show some of the positive feedback we've received here at Kingdom Furnishings. 

Our Charroux Armoire In Grey


        ‘I stumbled across Kingdom Furnishings whilst searching everywhere for reasonably priced, good quality, beautiful furniture. I’m on with redecorating rooms at the Stirk House Hotel and we have just completed our third room with all the furniture I’ve bought from yourselves and it’s looks amazing. I love visiting your place, it’s like an Aladdin’s Cave of furniture treasures. I can’t wait to complete more rooms at the hotel. You guys are a wonderful find.’  - Zoie Carter-Ingham, Lancashire

As Zoie mentioned she’s been using our furniture in a refurbishing project she’s involved with at The Stirk House Hotel. Zoie is a fantastic photographer and has done lots of weddings at the hotel and now she’s helping them out with her interior design skills. She’s done a wonderful job on the bridal suite and you can actually head over to her Facebook page and have a look for yourself at some of the rooms she’s used our furniture for. She was also kind enough to let us use one of her photos. Thanks Zoie, we look forward to working with you again in the near future. 


Butchers Block


      'Thankyou Kingdom Furnishings for my lovely Butchers Block. I absolutley love it. The delivery service was great too, they called me and delivered earlier than promised. I would definitely recommend you. Many thanks.'  - Leanne Fallis, South Yorkshire

Leanne bought one of our very popular Farmhouse Butchers Blocks. It now sits in prime position in her lovely kitchen. She also got one of our cute little apple boxes which are very handy for storage and go very nicely with our Butchers Blocks. Leanne was kind enough to send us in a lovely picture of her new furniture. Thankyou Leanne and we hope you continue to enjoy your new furniture in the future. 

Double Armoire


       'Just to let you know we are very happy with the wardrobe and that Russell did an exceptionally professional job of delivering and assembling it. It's these little details that make all the difference. We would definitely recommend your business and hope to deal with you again in the future. Kindest Regards.' - Teresa Morgan, Nottinghamshire

Teresa bought one of our lovely Double Bordeaux Armoires. The one she purchased had some lovely grey highlights which makes the hand carved detail really stand out. As with all our double and triple wardrobes our courier builds them up in the customers home and it's good to see he did a good job with this one. Thankyou Teresa for the picture, the wardrobe looks lovely in your home. 

          ‘Kingdom Furnishings are a hidden gem for stunning real wood carved shabby chic furniture. They were happy for us to visit their warehouse before buying and were welcoming and accommodating. The furniture is better in reality, really beautiful, handmade and gorgeous detailing. It is ‘shabby chic’ so it is made to look that way, unlike some ‘solid colour finish’ with MDF moulding glued on that other companies use. We bought many pieces of furniture and we can’t recommend them enough, due to quality, price and customer service. They are helpful and lovely people to deal with. Thankyou Andy and Brennan.’   - Mrs C Standen, Southport

Collette has visited us a few times and bought quite a few pieces from us. We love having our customers come for a look as pictures online never do our pieces justice. Thanks for the kind words Mrs Standen. 



Our French Bed In Cream

          ‘Absolutely thrilled with our guest bedroom, the quality and design is amazing, a real French look that I wanted. The quality is perfect and easy to create a stunning room. The price I paid far exceeded my expectations and I can only thankyou Kingdom Furnishings. The customer service was excellent and easily accessible, thankyou Andy. We will certainly use you again and I wouldn't look else where. I would recommend you above any other furnishings I’ve seen or had before and I’ll certainly be back again in the future.’   - Jan Delaney, North Yorkshire

Jan bought her bed, bedsides and a double wardrobe from us when she was doing up her guest bedroom. She was kind enough to send us lots of lovely pictures, it was a shame we only had room for one on our website. Thanks Jan for the lovely words and the pictures and we hope to see you again in the future. 


Chaise Lounge


           'We just wanted to say thank you very much for the beautiful chaise lounge and chair we recently purchased from you. They are both perfect and look beautiful in our home. We will definitely recommend you and look forward to buying more of your furniture in the future. Kind regards. - Mr & Mrs Walton, Stoke on Trent

Mrs Walton bought one of our lovely chaise lounges and a matching grandfather chair to go in their new conservatory. Mrs Walton was kind enough to give us a call and thank us for our excellent service and also mention how impressed she was with our courier Russell who was very helpful throughout the delivery process. Thankyou for the lovely pictures you sent us and we agree that the furniture looks lovely in in your home. 

Charroux Bed

             'Got my bedroom furniture today and I'm absolutely over the moon with it. It's all just gorgeous. The delivery guy was spot on too. Thanks again for answering every little question I had. I think being treated so badly by that other company was a God send as your furniture and service are in a different class to them! King Regards'  - Susan Kelly, Tyne & Wear

Susan came to us as she'd been let down by another company which she'd ordered from. We helped her pick her bed and matching bedsides and a chest of drawers. Having had a bad experience with another company it was nice to hear that we did so well with out service and furniture. Thanks for getting it touch with us Susan and thankyou for all the lovely pictures you sent us. We hope you continue to enjoy your bedroom furniture for many years to come. 



Double Charroux Armoire


        'Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and also to Russell (the courier). The wardrobes both look great and Russell did a great job and was very considerate regarding our new white carpets and paintwork. Thank you.' - Sue & Stephen Cleasby, Sussex

Sue and Stephen bought a pair of our Large Double Charroux Armoires in cream. Our courier always trys his best to be considerate of people's homes especially when they've just been newly decorated as was the case here. Thankyou for getting in touch with us and sending us a picture, the new wardrobes look great in your freshly decorated room. We hope you continue to enjoy them for many years into the future. 



Triple Wardrobe


       'I recently bought the Charroux Triple Armoire. It's stunning! Here it is in my new dressing room. I also bought the matching dressing table which looks great in the room as well.'  - Anita Brown - Renfrewshire, Scotland.

As you can see from the picture Anita bought one of our triple wardrobes. These are one of our best selling pieces and they really do look stunning in the right setting. Anita also bought one of our Bordeaux dressing tables which goes very well with the Charroux line of furniture. She also sent us a picture of that and like the wardrobe it looks stunning in her new dressing room. Thanks Anita for the pictures and the kind words. 

Bordeaux Chest Of Drawers

       'My husband and I would highly recommend Kingdom Furnishings. We just feel it was a real stoke of luck to find some furniture that is very well made and not only looks classy but is elegant and stylish. Andrew has been a pleasure to deal with. Nothing seems to much trouble. The furniture is well wrapped up when it arrives and just stands beautifully in the bedrooms we have bought for. The delivery guy called Russell was awesome too. We will most certainly be purchasing more furniture from you in the future. Many thanks.  - Paul and Angie Marr, Worcestershire

Paul and Angie bought several peices from us over a period of a few months. They were very kind to write a lovely review for us and send us a picture of one of the chests of drawers they bought. We're glad you've been happy with the furniture we've supplied and we're glad despite the current lockdown situation with the virus, our courier Russell was still able to deliver in a timely fashion. 


Monks Bench

     'I received my Butchers Block and Monks Bench a couple of days ago and couldn't be happier with them. The craftsmanship is excellent. They were both packed really well, it took me ages to unwrap them. I couldn't get them unwrapped quick enough! The courier must also get a shout out. He handled both pieces with great care. Please thank him on my behalf. Finally I would like to say thanks for holding my items until I moved into my new home, they now have pride of place in the kitchen/diner. I'm one very happy customer and will be back as I gradually finish my new home.'  - Rachel Fox, Lanarkshire

Rachel bought one of our very popular Butchers Blocks and also one of our lovely Monks Benches which you can see in the picture. We held on to Rachel's items for a few extra weeks as she was moving house, were always happy to hold on to things for a little until customers are ready for delivery. As Rachel was up in Scotland we used our Scottish courier Chris who does most of our Scotland deliveries. We'll pass on your kind words to him Rachel and as always a big thankyou for the picture. We love your fox cushion! 

Rococo King Size Bed


        'I am so thrilled with my Rococo purchases, they are really stunning, high quality with a fabulous look. The bed was very easy to put together. I had such a friendly service from the owners through to the courier. Thoroughly recommend and I can't wait to buy more for my other bedrooms.'  - Lisa Franks, Wiltshire

Lisa bought one of our very popular Rococo beds along with some matching bedside tables and a dressing table. She was kind enough to send us in a picture of her new furniture all made up in it's new home. We are always happy to see people's photos as a real bedroom setting always looks better than our built up sets we use in our little warehouse. Thankyou Lisa for the comments and the lovely picture. 


Charroux Bed

      'I bought this beautiful hand carved bed from these guys. It is absolutley beautiful, I am bowled over by the craftsmanship which is unbelievable. Plus I couldn't get over the price. The Customer service from Andy was beyond five star and he is a complete diamond. I will be ordering the matching furniture to go with the bed in the future, fantsastic.'  - Lorraine Heyes - Lancashire

Lorraine bought one of our lovely Charroux beds and was kind enough to get in contact via our Facebook page. She also sent us a few pictures of her new bed in it's new home. We must say it looks very comfy! Thankyou for letting us know how happy you are Lorraine and we hope to hear from you again in the future. 

Chaise Lounge


       ‘Our Chaise was delivered today and what a beautiful piece of furniture, such craftsmanship. Thankyou so much, we’re delighted with it.’  - Julie Boyle, Glasgow

Julie was kind enough to send us a picture of her new Chaise sitting proudly in it’s new home, thankyou Julie. It's always nice to see our furniture in it's new surroundings in someone's home. 


Butchers Block

         'I ordered my Butchers Block from you last week and it arrived yesterday. It looks absolutely perfect in our kitchen. We both love it. Thank you for such prompt delivery.'  Mrs Rebecca Williams - Swansea, South Wales

Rebecca bought one of our very popular Butchers Blocks. These are one of our best selling items and it's really nice to see a picture of one in someone's kitchen. We're glad we were able to get it to you quickly and that you're happy with your new furniture. Thanks again for the kind words and of course for sending us a lovely picture of your new Butchers Block. 

     'I am very pleased with my Charroux Armoire. I would like to thankyou for your highly efficient service. I would also like to highly praise your delivery man, who kept me updated and helped me get the Armoire up the stairs and placed in situ. I felt that you have delivered a really personal service and shall look to your company if I have any future furniture needs, many many thanks.'  - Vivian Steer, London

Mrs Steer bought one of our single Armoires and was kind enough to email us these kinds words. It's always good to know our courier is keeping people happy, he tries his best to be accomodating in what is sometimes a very difficult job. Thankyou for getting in touch Vivian. 

       'The courier was amazing and brilliant at putting my wardrobes together and then helping packing all the rubbish up for us afterwards. Most of all the wardrobes are absolutely stunning and so pleased I ordered them from you guys. I will be recommending you to anyone looking for solid wood furniture that looks lovely. Thankyou so much.' - Roberta Phillips, Kent.

Roberta bought a pair of our Charroux wardrobes and got in contact to let us know how much she loved them. Thankyou for the lovely words Roberta, we've passed your message on to our courier as well as he's always happy to hear positive feedback. 


        'I would just like to take the time to say thank you for my order. The pieces are beautiful and exactly what I have been looking for. They look great in the room and with a few more finishing touches to the room it will be perfect. Thank you again for the great service, your delivery guy was great, please thank him for us.' - Mrs S Deacon, Staffordshire.

Mrs Deacon bought one of our lovely Bordeaux Armoires and a matching pair of bedside tables. She was kind enough to let us know how pleased she was and how happy she was with our courier. We passed the message on to Russell our courier and he was glad to hear his work was appreciated. Thanks Mrs Deacon for letting us know and we hope you continue to enjoy your new furniture. 



Weathered Oak Desk


         ‘I love my new furniture. Especially my dressing table and chair, the quality is really impressive and the price I paid was so much better than anywhere else. The delivery was nice and straight forward and fit in with my schedule. I’m saving up for some matching wardrobes next! Thankyou Kingdom Furnishings.’  - Michelle Orrell, Lancashire

Michelle bought quite a few pieces from our weathered oak range. She was kind enough to send us a picture of her dressing table and chair. Thankyou Michelle and we hope we can supply you with some nice matching wardrobes in the future. 


         'Thank you so much for my new chair, it has just arrived. It is quite possibly the cutest chair I have ever seen in my life!' - Suzanne Ross-Hughes, Wrexham

Suzanne is one of the many photographers who have bought one of our mini Grandfather chairs. These look beautiful when photographed with young children and babies. Thanks for the kind words Suzanne and we're glad you and your customers love our little chair. 


          'I'm very happy with my headboard. The service was good, the delivery guy was very thoughtful, he phoned well before to arrange a date and time and then again just before he arrived to let me know he would soon be here. Very good customer service, thankyou.' - Sally Ann Chandler, Staffordshire. 

Sally bought one of our lovely upholstered headboards for her bed and was kind enough to get in contact with us and let us know how she got on. It's good to hear people appreciate the hard work of our courier who always does his best to keep our customers happy. Thanks Sally for getting in touch. 


We love getting feedback from our customers. We're even happy to hear any constructive critism you may have as we're always looking for ways we can improve our customer service. If you've bought from us and would like to leave a review/testimonial please get in touch via the Contact Page. We'd also love to see any pictures of your new furniture in your home. We will only put your testimonials and pictures up on our website if you give us your permission to do so. We look forward to hearing from you.