Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

COVID 19 Update - Due to the current situation here in the UK we have added a small section to our Terms. In the event of travel restrictions delivery times could potentially be much longer.  Another issue is if staff or our courier has to isolate, this will also delay delivery times. We will do our best to keep customers up to date if restrictions affect our delivery service.

While still working our courier is taking additional measures to protect himself and our customers. Please respect social distacning when our courier arrives and if he is entering your home please give him plenty of space to work. 

If you are showing symptoms of the virus we ask that you let either us or our courier know in advance so he can make any needed adjustments. 


We aim to deliver all our furniture within four weeks of payment. However, on some occasions delivery can take longer than this due to us being unable to confirm a delivery time with a customer. We need you to confirm you will be available before our courier will attempt delivery.

If you confirm a delivery slot and then are unable to keep your alloted slot you must give us 24 hours notice. If we attempt delivery once confirmed and it fails due to a 'not at home' then we may have to charge you an additional delivery fee. 

Please make sure you enter the correct delivery details when you go through the shopping cart. Again, if you send us to an incorrect address we will charge an additional fee. 

Our courier and our furniture is only insured to your doorstep. Our courier will happily enter your home to place the furniture where you require but when he does so any damage that may occur to our furniture or your home (carpets, paintwork, etc...) is no longer our responsibily and we are not liable for any damage once our courier has entered your home. 

For some of our larger pieces we do ask that you have someone on hand to help our courier on arrival at your home. Our courier works alone and so with the larger items he needs someone fit and able to assist him. This is especially the case if you require furniture carrying up stairs. 

Please ensure there is sufficient parking available for our courier. In most cases this is not an issue but with certain inner city addresses parking can be very limited. This is especially an issue if our courier is assembling furniture as this will mean he needs to be parked up for a period of time. If our courier arrives and there is not sufficent parking and no areas for unloading then he may not be able to spend time assembling furniture. 

Please note for some locations there will be an additional delivery charge. Northern Scotland, anywhere North of Glasgow/Edinburgh will incur an additional charge. Cornwall there will be a small additional charge. Also if you are located in Central London and come under the congestion charge there will be an additional £15 delivery charge, this is due to the new Ultra Low Emissions Charge which makes it very expensive for our courier to enter this area. If unsure about additional charges please get in contact with us to confirm the price of your delivery. 


If a product arrives at your home damaged then we accept responsibilty for this item and we will happily accept a return. We recommend you check your furniture before our courier leaves and then if there is a problem we can try and address it there and then and if it needs to be returned it can be done so then. Any returns for damaged items must be brought to our attention within 14 days of delivery. 

If a product is damaged then we will replace the product with a matching item, if we are out of stock then we will offer a full refund including delivery costs. A full refund will only be given if the product is returned with all the pieces intact and any fixings still included (screws, bolts etc...).

If you simply do not like your furniture and wish to return it please be aware that you will still have to pay the original delivery fee plus an additional fee for us to return and collect the item. If you decide you want to return an item the return process must start no more than 28 days from when you recieve the item. If more than 28 days have passed we can no longer accept returns. 

It is the customers responsibilty to ensure that all purchased products fit correctly into the home. We also ask you insure access to the home. Most of our large pieces come in smaller sections but if you are unsure as you have limited access please check with us before you buy. 

If you are planning on shipping your furniture overseas please be aware that our returns policy only covers items here on the UK mainland. If you are shipping overseas you do so at your own risk. Please check your furniture for damage or any other problems before it leaves the UK. Once an item of furniture has left the UK we are no longer able to accept returns and are no longer liable for any problems with the furniture. 

Accuracy Of Content

We do our best to ensure all our products are accurately respresented on our website. Please be aware though that due to the nature of handmade furniture each product is slightly different. We do not take pictures of every single piece we list. This means there will be slight difference from the piece you recieve and the one you see in the pictures. 

We do everything we can to represent colours of paint, fabric and wood accurately as far as digital media, photographic equipment and lighting allow. 

We measure all our pieces from the widest, tallest and deepest points. All our measurements are approximate. Due to the nature of handmade French furniture slight varations in sizes will occur and we can not be held responsible for this. 


We currently take payment through Paypal via our online shopping cart. Please be aware that you do not have to have a Paypal account, you can simply pay using any credit or debit card through the Paypal system. 

We do accept cash on collection if you come and visit us. Be aware though that we do not have any facilities for taking card payments at our warehouse. We can take a 10% cash deposit if you would like to reserve a piece and come back and pay in full at a later date.

We can not accept cash on delivery. Our couriers are self employed and do not work for us only. Therefore we can not ask them to collect cash from customers on our behalf. 

We will only despatch items once payment has been made in full.

If you wish to cancel an order please contact us via our contact page or phone us. We can not be held responsible if an order has already been dispatched and if this is the case you will be charged the delivery fee. 

Privacy Policy & Security

Here at Kingdom Furnishings we take your privacy very seriously. We do not pass your personal details on to any third parties. We keep all your personal details private and treat them with the strictest confidence. 

When you make a payment all payment details are dealt with by Paypal and are kept private from both us and third parties. We do not have any of your payment details on record.

The only information processed from our customers is your name, address, phone number and email address. We process this information so we are able to deliver the purchased product and to contact the customers to arrange deliveries. You can check the information we hold on you by getting in contact via our 'contact us' page or giving us a call. You may also request we delete any data we have of yours on our records. 

When you agree to our terms and conditions and purchase a product you enter into a contract with us. For us to fulfill that contract we have to collect the relevant data as shown above. All the information we collect is stored securely in accordance with the law. 

Our site also has a registered SSL certificate. This means you will see the little padlock on your browser when you are on our website. We use a secure server which means when you enter any of your personal details on our orders page all your information is encypted and kept private.