Our Price Promise

Our Price Promise

Here at Kingdom Furnishings we want to do everything we can to make sure that everyone can afford the highest quailty French Furniture. When we set up our company we realised there was a gap in the market. There are lots of companies offering exactly the same furniture we do, many source it from exactly the same place we do, however, they charge a small fortune for their French Furniture. The reason for this is that they have large warehouses, expensive showrooms, lots of employees and an expensive website. So they have no choice but to charge top price for their products.

So here at Kingdom Furnishings we decided to do things a little different. We wanted to cut out the middle man and all those expensive costs. That's why with us you won't see beautifully crafted pictures taken with studio lighting on a built up set. You won't get an incredible website designed by the top professional web designers. You won't even get a posh showroom or shop on the high street. So what will you get?

We aim to sell the same high quality handmade French Furniture that some of the bigger companies sell. You will find furniture just like ours in exclusive boutiques on the high street and online at some of the biggest furniture companines here in the UK. Our pieces come from the same place and are made to highest possible standard, all the work done by hand using old fashioned craft techniques.

We also look to give a friendly service to all our customers. As we are smaller than some other companies this allows us to be more personable. We look to keep all our customers happy and do everything we possibly can to ensure buying with us is a pleasant hassle free experience. 

If you do come and visit us here in Lancashire, you will get a warm and friendly welcome to our lovely little warehouse. We have a little plaque with the motto 'Enter as strangers, leave as friends' just inside our entrance and we do all we can to make this a reality. 

So our price promise is simply this, you won't find our products cheaper anywhere online or in the high street. For the highest quality handmade French furniture at the lowest possible price, you need look no further.