Delivery Service

All About Our Delivery Service

All About Our Delivery Service

COVID 19 Update - 1/1/22

Due to the increased problems with the virus in most cases our courier is only offering a door step delivery service. He will help you get the item through the door but he will not enter your home. With some larger items or items that need assembling he will still enter your home. 

As the situation is constantly changing we may have to put stricter measures in place again in future. So this may effect your delivery.

In most cases delivery times are still running as normal. But please be aware due to issues such as local lockdowns or staff having to isolate, delivery times could be longer than usual. We will do our best to keep customers up to date if there are any delays. 

We have put these additional measures in place to protect both our staff and our customers. We sincerely hope these will only be very short term measures and we can get back to our usual full delivery service as soon as possible.  

What We Offer

Here at Kingdom Furnishings we look to do everything we can to make your experience with us as hassle free as possible. That's why we have our very own delivery service that delivers all over the UK. 

We aim to deliver all our orders within 4 weeks of payment. In most cases delivery is much quicker than this. We use our own dedicated furniture courier who has years of experience delivering French Furniture. Unlike most of the larger delivery companies, our courier will look after your piece and make sure it gets to you in one piece with no dents, scratches or worse! 

We will always ring you to confirm a delivery date that fits in with your schedule. Our courier will not attempt to deliver an item unless you have first confirmed a time and date. Once a slot has been assigned our courier will do all he can to make sure he arrives within that time slot. In the event of unforseen circumstances delaying him he will give you a call to let you know if he is running late or unable to deliver for any reason (this is a very rare event). 

Please do be aware that our courier works alone. This is not usually a problem, however if you have purchased a larger piece and require furniture carrying up stairs or if access to your property is difficult then he will need someone fit and able to help him. 


Free Home Assembly

The vast majority of our furniture is delivered already assembled. It is only on the larger pieces such as double and triple Armoires and beds that we deliver unassembled. On certain products such as any double or triple Armoire we offer a free home assembly service. This means our courier will build your piece up for you in the room of your choosing. This ensures everything is perfect for you when we leave you to enjoy your new furniture.

If a product has free home assembly it will state this on the product page. Items such as beds are very easy to put together so we do not offer a free assembly service for these. Our courier can build these up on request but he does charge a small fee for this as we do not pay him to build these up. If you are unsure about any assembly details you can get in contact via the Contact Us page


When Do We Have To Charge Additional Delivery ?

Obviously delivering furniture is not cheap. Although we offer a good value delivery service to most places on the mainland UK there are exceptions. 

If you live in the North of Scotland we do have to start charging extra for delivery. Our costs shoot up if any deliveries head North of the Glasgow/Edinburgh areas. If you do live in the North of Scotland we can deliver to you but delivery times could be up to 8 weeks and there will be an additional charge added to your order. 

We also have to add a small amount to orders from Cornwall as again our courier charges slightly more if he has a deilvery to make down in Cornwall. 

We also now have to charge an addional fee of £15 for locations in Central London that come under the congestion charge. With the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Charge this means entering this area is now very expensive for our courier. So if you live in this area an additional £15 delivery fee will be required. 

It depends on the location we are delivering to and the item or items you are purchasing so if you are interested in a piece please get in touch via the contact page and we can give you a quote for delivery. 


Problems With Delivery

Although we work very hard to ensure all our deliveries arrive on time, as you can imagine when delivering furniture things can occasionally go wrong. If there is a problem with your delivery or a delivery has not turned up when it should have done please send us an email on  We will look into the problem and get back to you as soon as possible.

The main issue we have with delivery is people not confirming a date and time. If we email or ring you with a delivery slot, our courier will not attempt delivery until you have confirmed you will be available in the allotted time. If you are not available then we will look to rearrange delivery to a time more conventient for you.